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Office of Special Ministries

Deacon John Moskal (901) 754-1204 Ext 306 or jmoskal@olphgermantown.org

Office of Religious Education

Craig DeMille (901) 754-1204 Ext 316 or cdemille@olphgermantown.org

Adult Sunday Study

An opportunity for members of the parish family to come together and learn more about their faith and Catholic tradition.
Michele Riolo - 758-1984

Altar Servers

Group of dedicated men, women and children called to serve by assisting at Mass.
Tim Regan - 755-7768

Bereavement Reception Committee

A ministry to assist families in the parish who wish to have a gathering of family and friends at the church following the funeral of a loved one.
Paul & Laura Cardelli - 755-5589
Howard & Lucy Giffin - 754-3389

Caring Cooks

Volunteers prepare and deliver meals to families in crisis such as illness or other tragedy.
Kathleen Edelmuth - 756-7703

Careers in Transition

Provides a network of support, counseling and resources to those in transition between jobs.
Pat Hayden - 759-9591

Cell Groups

Groups that meet in the homes for prayer, learning and growing in our Catholic faith under the leadership of our pastor with the purpose of evangelizing. For more information contact John Moskal at jmoskal@olphgermantown.org or go online to https://sites.google.com/site/pecsolph/

Children’s Liturgy of the Word

Work with the children during the Liturgy of the Word on Sunday to help them better understand the message of God.
Craig DeMille 754-1204 Ext 316


Children’s, Spirit, Young Adult Ensemble & Adult Choir.
Ben Legett - 754-1204, Ext. 330

Fishers of Men

Small prayer/fellowship groups to strengthen men inwardly so that they become godly men who make a difference in their homes, parishes, workplaces and communities. Meets Tuesday mornings after 6:15 mass in the chapel.  Leader: Fritz Ruthling planetmemphis@bellsouth.net

"Night Fishing- Fishers of men at Night"
Meets Wednesday evenings at 7:15 in Fr. Gresham Hall on the OLPH campus. Leader: Mike D'Addabbo michael.daddabbo@yahoo.com 901-481-3855.

Health Ministry/Life Blood

Coordinates health related needs and outreach of the parish, including the semiannual parish Life Blood Drive.
Deacon John Moskal (901) 754-1204 Ext 306

His Will Prayer Group

His Will is an intercessory prayer group that focuses on praying for the various civil and religious matters that impact our world today. Join us in prayer and study afterwards, Tuesday at 9:30 am or Thursday at 7:00 pm.
Jean Carr

Liturgical Ministries (Website)

Individuals who serve as Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, Altar Servers & Ushers that are committed to serve in the gathering of the Body of Christ in liturgical celebration. Click Here to download the Liturgical Minister Schedule.

Ministry of Music

Two Choirs to join: Adult Contemporary Ensemble and Adult Choir.
Music Director: Ben Legett 754-1204 Ext.330

Adult Choir
Provides music for the 10:45 Mass each Sunday,
September through May
Adult Choir Rehearsals - Thursdays 7:30pm-9:00pm

Adult Contemporary Ensemble
Provides music for the 12:30 Mass one Sunday each month
Contact: Gary Tullis at gwtullis@bellsouth.net
Adult Contemporary Ensemble Rehearsals - Tuesdays 6:00pm-7:30pm

Cantors are an integral part of the liturgies at OLPH. If you wish to serve in this ministry or would like further information about our music ministries please contact Ben Legett at 754-1204 Ext. 330

Ministry of Praise

An ongoing spiritual journey and commitment that originated especially for the homebound in our parish. Each month, members receive a letter that contains special intentions – the needs and concerns of our Parish and Community as well as items of joy and thanksgiving.

Ministry of the Sick

Members visit and take communion to hospital patients and shut-ins.
Mary Beth Lazek - 758-1458

Newcomer Committee

Welcomes new families to the parish.
Ministries Office - 754-1204, Ext. 306

Pantry Committee

Volunteers who gather and sort food and all items donated to the parish pantry.
Bill & Virginia Kilgore

Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council advises the pastor and helps frame and realize the parish vision. The Commissions within the Council are: Communications, Evangelization/Ecumenical, Family Life, Liturgical, Parish Religious Education, Parish School, Peace & Justice, Youth and Athletic.

Parish Outreach

People that would like to participate in various programs throughout the diocese that assist the poor and needy.
Ministries Office-Deacon Moskal - 754-1204, Ext. 306

Prayer Group

Come together to pray the rosary and grow spiritually as a community.
Calma Hobson

Prayer Partner

Prays, sends cards to, and affirms children in First Eucharist class.
P.R.E. Office - 754-1204, Ext. 316

Prison Ministry

Individuals willing to assist at prison liturgies and spend time with prisoners.
Bill Erneste - (662) 895-8576


Welcomes and assists adult inquirers to become active participants in the Catholic Church.
Mary Hamblen - Deacon John Moskal (901) 754-1204 Ext 306

Rosary Makers

A group of people who meet to make rosaries and provide them for the parish and community needs.
Mike Taylor

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