Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church view of church pews Germantown, TN

Daily Masses in the Chapel

  • 6:15 am Mass,  Monday – Friday
  • 8:15 am Mass,  Monday – Saturday
  • Noon Mass,  Monday – Friday

Vigil Mass on Saturday

  • 4:30 pm Vigil Mass, in the Church

Sunday Mass in the Church

  • 7:30 am Quiet Mass (without music)
  • 9:00 am Mass
  • 10:45 am Mass
  • 12:30 pm Mass
  • 6:00 pm Contemporary Mass

Korean Community Mass

  • 10:30 am Sunday, in the Chapel

Healing Rosary

  •  Every Thursday (except holidays) at 5:30 pm, in the Chapel

Eucharistic Adoration

  • Every Friday after 8:15 am Mass until 8:00 pm, in the Chapel

Upcoming Mass  Intentions

Sat.            8:15am      Bill Miller + by Gary and Ann Meyer

6-19    VIGIL 4:30pm      Nathan Ciaramitaro + by Brian and Renee Ritchie

Sun            7:30am      Joe Gagliano, Jr. + by Tommy and Gina Young

6-20           9:00am      Parishioners               

                  10:45am    Poor Souls + by Thuong Pham

                  12:30pm    Maria DaCosta + by Cleo and Leo D’souza

                   6:00pm     Sarah Conley + by Elvira Romero

Mon          6:15am      Mary Lamb + by Tom and Teresa Wilson/ Special Int. of David & Elizabeth Podraza

6-21           8:15am      Carol Saracena + by Marvin and Amy Schaefer

                  12:00pm    Fred Gray + by Rachel Brezinski

Tue            6:15am      Bill Platten + by Tom and Gretchen Kirk

6-22           8:15am      Peter Schoenster + by Virginia Schoenster

                  12:00pm    Fred Gray + by Rachel Brezinski

Wed           6:15am      Deceased Members of St. Joan of Arc OSF Fraternity by Mike and Helen Lenahan

6-23           8:15am      Charlie Hailey+ by Gary and Ann Meyer

                  12:00pm    Fred Gray + by Rachel Brezinski

Thu            6:15am      Anne C. Mitchell + by Bill and Judi Herbers

6-24           8:15am      Mary Lamb + by Rich and Rochelle Mistretta

                  12:00pm    Margaret Ruggiero + by Christine and John Hanneken

Fri              6:15am      Nathan Ciaramitaro  + by Marvin and Amy Schaefer

6-25           8:15am      Diane Dear + by Rich and Rochelle Mistretta

                  12:00pm    Nathan Ciaramitaro + by Vincent and Ann Ciaramitaro

Sat.            8:15am      Special Intention of  Threse Hoss by Olivia Kiwor

6-26   VIGIL  4:30pm      Billy Shemwell + by Al and Amy Gatti