Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church view of church pews Germantown, TN

Upcoming Mass  Intentions

Fri              6:15am       Special Intention of Jeri Newman + by Jack and Mary Jane McAllister

9-25            8:15am       Agnes Zodda + by Lena Zodda        

                  12:00pm     Goldie Wonder + by Paula Chapman

Sat.            8:15am       In Honor of David and Mary Margaret Witzman’s 50th Wedding Anniversary

9-26 VIGIL  4:30pm       Annette Broadhurst + by Tom and Teresa Wilson

Sun            7:30am       Claudette McGill + by Jack and Mary Jane McAllister

9-27            9:00am       Special Intention of Donald Mentzer by Sandy Babula           

                  10:45am      Sue Auricchio + by The Auricchio Family

                  12:30pm      Parishioners

                  6:00pm       Katie Zodda Hamblen + by Lena Zodda

Mon   6:15am           Special Intention of DJT

9-28    8:15am           Lisa Yarbro + by the Thomas Pandola Family

            12:00pm         Special Intention by Vincent & Ann Ciaramitaro

Tue     6:15am           John Simmons + by Faye and Carroll Sutton

9-29    8:15am           John A. DiNardo + by Marilyn DiNardo

            10:00am         Katie Zodda Hamblen + by Lena Zodda

            12:00pm         William Ivins + by OLPH Parish Family

Wed    6:15am           Norma Parham + by Deacon Dave and Janet Lucchesi

9-30    8:15am           Claudia McGill + by Linda Cavola

            10:00am         Pat Ferguson  + by Larry and Margaret Lynch 

            12:00pm         Poor Souls in Purgatory + by Christine and John Hanneken

Thu     6:15am           Special Intention of Maggie Wall

10-1    8:15am           Dale J. Ball + by Mary Kay Ball

            12:00pm         Mary Roberts + by Daphne and Jim Rakowski

Fri        6:15am           Special Intention of Sophia Little by Grammie and Grandpa Wilson

10-2    8:15am           Kathy Weigel + by Matthew, Betsy, and Grace Kamler

            12:00pm         Annette Broadhurst + by the Thomas Pandola Family

Sat.     8:15am           Charles Adair + by Saturday Morning Cursillo Group

10-3 VIGIL4:30pm         Lucille Stock + by Kathryn Stock

Sun     7:30am           Special Intention of the Maczuga Family by Matthew, Betsy, and Grace Kamler

10-4    9:00am           Hannah Pfaff + by Olivia Kiwor

            10:45am   Annette Lou Broadhurst + by Mach and Paula Archer

            12:30pm         Parishioners

            6:00pm           Special Intention of Adam Lucchesi by Deacon Dave and Janet Lucchesi


Daily Masses In The Chapel
  • 6:15 am Mass,  Monday – Friday
  • 8:15 am Mass,  Monday – Saturday
  • Noon Mass,  Monday – Friday

Saturday Mass

  • 4:30 pm Sunday Vigil

Sunday Mass

  • 7:30 am, 9:00 am, 10:45 am, 12:30 pm, 6:00 pm