Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church view of church pews Germantown, TN

Daily Masses in the Chapel

  • 6:15 am Mass,  Monday – Friday
  • 8:15 am Mass,  Monday – Saturday
  • Noon Mass,  Monday – Friday

Saturday Mass

  • 4:30 pm Sunday Vigil, in the Church

Sunday Mass

  • 7:30 am, 9:00 am, 10:45 am, 12:30 pm, 6:00 pm, in the Church

Korean Community Mass

  • 10:30 am Sunday, in the Chapel

Healing Rosary

  •  Every Thursday (except Thanksgiving) at 5:30 pm, in the Chapel

Eucharistic Adoration

  • Every Friday after 8:15 am Mass until 8:00 pm, in the Chapel

Upcoming Mass  Intentions

Tue             6:15am       Bill Satterlee + by Marvin and Amy Schaefer

11-24          8:15am       John Simmons + by Faye and Carroll Sutton

                  12:00pm     Matthew Robert Thomas + by  OLPH Parish Family 

Wed           6:15am       Tara Faith Snider Borg + by George and Charity Borg

11-25          8:15am       Sonny Grashot + by Gerry Covington

                  12:00pm     Brad Bacon + by Grace Carnes

Thu             8:15am       Bill and Jean Miller + by Ann and Gary Meyer

11-26          10:00am     In Honor of Ron & Agnes Pokrandt’s 50th Wedding Anniversary

Fri              8:15am       Doug Butts + by Angie Garbuzinski  

11-27          10:00am     Sue Auricchio + by The Auricchio Family

Sat.            8:15am       Vincent Pfab, Sr. + by Terry and Theresa Forrest and Family

11-28 VIGIL 4:30pm       Paul Cardelli + by Laura Cardelli      

Sun            7:30am       All Souls of 3rd Degree Knights of Columbus + by Bill Erneste

11-29          9:00am       All Souls  of 4th Degree Knights of Columbus + by Bill Erneste

                  10:45am      Special Intention of Andy Schaefer by Marvin and Amy Schaefer

Pavilion       10:45am     Parishioners

                  12:30pm      Special Intention of Adam Lucchesi by Deacon Dave and Janet Lucchesi

                  6:00pm       Fred Bence + by Les and Nancy Willingham

Mon           6:15am       Bobby Cruthirds + by Terry and Theresa Forrest and Family

11-30          8:15am       Mary Pfab Calvgar + by Terry and Theresa Forrest and family

                  12:00pm     Matthew Thomas + by Grace Carnes