Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church view of church pews Germantown, TN

Daily Masses in the Chapel

  • 6:15 am Mass,  Monday – Friday
  • 8:15 am Mass,  Monday – Saturday
  • Noon Mass,  Monday – Friday

Saturday Mass

  • 4:30 pm Sunday Vigil, in the Church

Sunday Mass

  • 7:30 am, 9:00 am, 10:45 am, 12:30 pm, 6:00 pm, in the Church

Korean Community Mass

  • 10:30 am Sunday, in the Chapel

Upcoming Mass  Intentions

Mon           6:15am       Special Intention of DJT

10-19          8:15am       Flora Lucido + by Grace Gorgia Carnes

                  12:00pm     John Simmons + by Faye and Carroll Sutton

Tue             6:15am       Special Intention of Jeri Newman by Virginia Kilgore

10-20          8:15am       Natalie Gallas + by Joan Memoli

                   12:00pm     Mage Molina + Carlos and Gloria Cantu             

Wed           6:15am       Special Intention to Return to Church by Joan Memoli

10-21          8:15am       Claudette McGill + by Joan Memoli

                   12:00pm     Celia T. Marfa + by Elizabeth Perry

Thu           6:15am  Special Intention to Return to Church by Joan Memoli

10-22       8:15am  Therese Hebert + by Joan Memoli

               12:00pm Special Intention of Joyce Suddoth by Virginia Kilgore

Fri          6:15am  Special Intention of JRB

10-23     8:15am  Jack Gallas + by Joan Memoli

               12:00pm John Carvino + by the Gradowski family

Sat.       8:15am  Special Intention of Matthew Commons by Karen Watson

10-24 Vigil 4:30pm  Matthew Robert Thomas + by Greg and Becky Zweig   

Sun       7:30am  Parishioners

10-25     9:00am  William Ivins + Marilyn Ivins

            10:45am Robin Leggett + by Joan Memoli

            10:45am In Thanksgiving  (Pavilion Weather permitting)

            12:30pm Lucille Stock + by Kathryn Stock

            6:00pm  Mary Nieberding + by the Women’s Guild